What we do

CREIDE (CREatively Impacting DEvelopment) is a Nairobi-based professional services firm that delivers private-sector driven sustainable development and sustainability solutions to solve Africa’s development challenges. We do this while helping clients mitigate the negative environmental, economic and social impacts of their work.

CREIDE is founded on the conviction that leveraging private sector capabilities and resources is one of the most effective and efficient paths to sustainable development.

Our dynamic team combines top-tier skills and extensive experience in both the private and public sectors, to deliver unrivaled services in Public-Private Partnerships; Sustainability; Impact Assessments; Strategic Communication and Messaging; and Research.

With clients ranging from Private, Corporate, Public, Governments, International Organizations, Civil Society Organizations and Citizens at various levels, our business designs and delivers services that achieve quantifiable and sustainable impact.

Our Core Values


We are committed to helping individuals and organizations embed sustainable business and development practices in their operations.

Stakeholder Engagement

We believe that the people for whom projects are intended, and communities within which organizations operate have a right to contribute to decisions that impact their life and that social license is vital for enduring success.

Leveraging Shared Knowledge.

We recognize the benefits of cooperation, and our practice and service delivery is strengthened by our valuable technical partners, and industry best practices.

Triple Bottom Line

We measure success in our work by the value we create for People, Planet, and Profit.

Innovative client specific solutions

We take time to understand our clients, their customers, their stakeholders and their environment in order to create innovative solutions matched to their needs.