We develop, structure, and manage multi- sector partnerships that expand public-private collaboration for sustainable development, and deliver benefits to all stakeholders.

Partnerships between the public sector, private sector and civil society enable governments, businesses, and non-profits to efficiently work together to achieve sustainable development objectives by leveraging the collaborative knowledge and resources exclusive to different partners.

Our multi-disciplinary partnership advisory team brings together project management, finance, and legal experts, as well as technical industry experts.

At CREIDE, we understand that partners originate from different perspectives; from their interests and goals, to their organizational cultures. Our diverse expertise ensures that partnerships are rooted in mutual understanding and respect, enabling partners to focus their strengths on service delivery.


We extend our partnering services to the following types of partnerships:

  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Cause Marketing Partnerships
  • B2B Partnerships
  • Strategic Alliances & Partnerships
  • Philanthropic Partnerships

Our team delivers the following services for partnerships:

  • Due diligence & Appraisal
  • Preparation
  • Transaction & structuring
  • Implementation & Evaluation